Spectrum & Ratio:


SPIDER 6P is a full-cycle top-lighting solution for comercial canabis cultivation,with the power to scale from vegetative growth to higher light intensities in bloom. For optimal results,we recommend SPIDER 6P deployed in enviroments with CO² supplementation between 800-1400 ppm in reproductive growth stage due to high PPFD levels.
SPIDER 6P builds on the previous generation’s SPA/SPB/SPC/SPD/SPEx PLUS performance.



Light source LED
Spectrum  SPF 2-FLW Indoor(TM)
Light Output PPF 1686μmol/s
Efficacy 2.72μmol/J@220V AC
AC Output Power 640W@220V AC
AC Input Voltage 100-277V AC,50/60Hz
Light Distribution 120°
Mounting Height                        (Above Canopy) 5〞-12〞(127-305mm)
Thermal Management Passive
Max.Ambient Temperature 90°F/35℃
Dimming  10V-source
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD)   (Fulll Load) <10%
Lifetime L80:>50,000hrs
IP Rating IP56( IP65 Can be customized)
Certifications ETL&cETL、FCC、IECE、ROHS、CE
Warrenty 3 year Stantard Warranty
Ac Voltage 120V 208V 220V 277V
AC Current 6.33A 3.65A 3.45A 2.75A
AC power 760W 759W 760W 761W
Power Factor 0.98 0.98 0.98 0.98
Family Model Spectrum Input Voltage Ac Power Cord
SPD  Spider 6p 6p  SPF 2-FLW Indoor(TM) 1 100-277V 01  5ft(1.525m)
02  10ft(3.05m)


AC Plug Type Mounting Hardware Packing
N5-15  NAME5-15P SWR Steel Wire Rope S  Single
N6-15  NAME 6-15P MLS Manual Lifting Sling 4B Bulk
PTP  Pigtails pack(4QTY)
NL7-15P NAME L7-15P
Part Length Width Heigth Weight
Spider x 5 3.89 0.21 0.16 1.13Kg x 6
1185mm 63.5mm 48mm
Power Box 3.56 0.66 0.24 9.7Kg
1085mm 200mm 73mm
Total 3.94 0.79 0.94 18.35Kg
1194mm 365mm 217mm



Standard accessories

1.Power cord


3.Wire rope chain or “V” hook