ETL Certified Multi-Spectrum COB LED Grow Lights


  • High quality Epileds chips , high lumen and par value.
  • Patented COB and reflector design, higher light-gathering effect, effectively improves much the color uniformity and PAR value to increase yield and max coverage.
  • 7 bands spectrum, include IR, good for flowering and seedling.
  • Aluminum sunflower radiator+UL fans+massive heat sinks, best heat dissipation performance.
  • Isolated power drivers, can protect chips, easy and safe to maintain.
  • Daisy-chain connection, easy to install lamps together.
  • On/off switch.


MODEL HYG05-1X200W-W HYG05-2X200W-W HYG05-4X200W-W HYG05-6X200W-W HYG05-9X200W-W
COB chip Epileds, 64PCS*3W, 45mil
LED chip power 1*200W 2*200W 4*200W 6*200W 9*200W
Output power 65W 130W 260W 390W 585W
PPFD 355.68 µmol/ (m²·s) @30cm 900 µmol/ (m²·s) @30cm 1544 µmol/ (m²·s)@30cm 2197 µmol/ (m²·s) @30cm 2358 µmol/ (m²·s) @30cm
Input voltage AC 85-265V
Beam angle 90°
Lifespan 50,000hrs
Working frequency 50/60hz
Working temp. -20°C  ~ 50°C
Housing Matrial: Iron;  Color: Silver
Dimension 180*180*83.5mm 290*175*83.5mm 320*320*83.5mm 460*340*83.5mm 460*460*83.5mm
Packing info g.w. /pc: 2.0kg,  g.w./ctn: 11kg
4pcs/ctn,   ctn size: 62x31x28cm
g.w. /pc: 3.1kg,  g.w./ctn: 13kg
4pcs/ctn,   ctn size: 60x27x40cm
g.w. /pc: 5.1kg,   g.w./ctn: 13kg   2pcs/ctn,   ctn size: 42x33x40cm g.w. /pc: 7.8kg,   g.w./ctn: 17kg
2pcs/ctn,   ctn size: 55x34x45cm
g.w. /pc: 10.6kg,   g.w./ctn: 22kg
2pcs/ctn,   ctn size: 57x34x56cm
Certificate CE, ROHS, FCC
Box contents 1 LED grow light; 1 power cord; 1 stainless steel hanging hook