As everyone knows, the most important optical parameter of grow lights is PPFD. It represents how much optical energy the plant receives, and then converts the light energy captured by photosynthesis into carbohydrates. So how to make plants receive the most of the light energy emitted by grow lights becomes particularly important, but this is precisely the lighting of all plants on the market. What has been overlooked in all cases. No fundamental solution to this problem is to blindly increase the power or increase the light efficiency of grow lights, or to solve this problem by reducing the angle. But today, we have to say here that these are not the best  lighting solutions, we need do it better. In order to make the plant grow in the highest PPFD light environment. Increasing the power of grow lights, increasing the luminous efficiency of grow lights, reducing the luminaire angle of grow lights and increasing the number of grow lights,…

Source: Company News 2020-10-02

There’s no shortage of advice on how to increase yield,from pruning techniques to lighting.Allthat advice has merit,but the simples,most direct route to higher yield is to increase the grow area in your facility. So how do you get more grow area?You could build an addition,but that’s expensive. In many land-locked facilities expanding isn’t even an option.And in some states,indoor canabis grow facilities are limited by square footage. To get more canopy inyour existing grow rooms,you need to optimize space horizontally,by eliminating empty aisles between tables.And you need to go vertical to add additional levels of plants. SPD&SPE&SPF grow lights combine with Spacesaver’s Grow System lets you do just that. Indoor commercial canabis growers can increase yield with mobile vertical racking.

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