Company Profile

We are a company dedicated to new and high technologies in acgricultura equipment. The core business of the company is plant grow Lamps. We provide systematic professional solutions to plant growers, which can reduce energy consumption, improve plant quality, increase production and revenues, and generate unexpected benefits for our customers.

Brand Introduction

North Brilliany is a professional brand for helping you grow plants for medical use of premium quality. We have the latest and newest solutions for growing canabis for medical use

Detailed Introduction

North brilliancy is one unicorn enterprise for agricultural equipments in China. We developed various types of grow lights to satisfy our customers.

In China, we have been foucusing on growing light solutions for agriculture in greenhouses in norh and northeast of China since three years ago.

In the United States, Canada and Mexico and Europe, we helped customers upgrade from traditional High pressure Sodium lamp to LED grow lights and teach them how to use these lamps, which increased their revenues by at least 20% than before. We keep researching on how to use our products to better serve the broader agricultural landscape.

The purpose of the company

  • ✮Make every bit of light shine for plant
  • ✮Don't waste ,even a ray of light
  • ✮One-stop solution for clone or seedling to bloom